Best Handsaws for Cutting Down Trees While Camping


People have a misconception in their mind that during the camping, a chainsaw can do the daunting job of cutting trees more quickly in comparison to the hand saw. But this is not the correct assumption. A hand saw can cut medium-size or small trees more easily without making any noise. Moreover, it is handy and lightweight too.

There are so many things that you can do with the hand saw while camping like clearing the campsite, trimming the pesky tree, or getting the firewood. Today there are so many companies that manufacture high quality, and excellent hand saw for cutting tree logs. But how would you know that which is the best hand saw for cutting tree trunks that are available in the market?

In the below article, we have picked and reviewed six best hand saw for cutting down trees. Using this information, you can soon find the best product in the market for sure.

Why do we need best hand saws for cutting down trees?

The feature of hand saws which are well designed for cutting down trees:

  • Handy to use the hand saw, then the chain saw during the camping. It can easily cut the tree branches or the bushes.
  • Quite less expensive to purchase and use the hand saw at the time of camping. Moreover, its cost of running is also negligible as it does not need electricity or fuel for running.
  • The teeth of the hand saw are replaceable, and you can replace them at very little expense. Even if the blade gets snapped off accidentally then, also you can patch it up at your home.
  • Easy to carry and store during the camping due to its compact size. You can hang it inside your tent or put it in the trunk.

Cutting trees with saw is a dangerous work


If you use a poor quality hand saw:

  • Will always be in danger of hurting yourself anytime during the camping time if using the wrong hand-saw with loose handle or pointless blade.
  • There are high chances of wasting your time in cutting trees while camping.
  • The saw will get deteriorate as well as it will be broken easily.

Therefore, it is essential to use a best hand saw to cutting down trees while camping


  • First, the best hand saw helps the campers in cutting down the trees in very less time along with full precision. Your work efficiency gets increased more without getting exhausted.
  • Second, a right hand saw will not cause any damaging effects during the trees cutting procedure.
  • Finally, the best hand saw does not get deteriorate as it will be not broken easily, so you can use it for a long time without much hassle.

Above are the most significant benefits that a best hand saw gives users

In all, it is an neccessary tool for camper to go camping

What do we consider when buying a hand saw for cutting trees?

The following are the essential things that we need to consider while buying a hand saw for cutting trees:

1. How to choose the blade

Blade tooth configuration

Best hand saw blades generally sharpen to 2 diverse tooth configurations, “Cross Cut” and “Rip.” You can pick the one as per your need, like cross-cutting or ripping. You can change their shape with the help of the saw sharpening tools.

Blade quality

The blade should be of good quality material i.e., ultra-strong carbon. Such blades stay sharper for more time than the ordinary blade, along with the longer life.

Blade shape

The curved blade will provide you more magnificent trees cutting speed by utilizing your less effort. Moreover, such blades are almost 15% to 20% faster in comparison to the straight blades variety.

2. How to choose a handle

Comfortable and fit

The handle of the hand saw should be comfortable and fit to hold in hand. This feature provides you flexibility and comfort while sawing the trees.

The uncomfortable handle will only result in discomfort and numerous other problems for the people.

Non-slip handle

The best hand saw with the non-slip handle is reliable, safe, and easy to use.

Such a feature is essential for all those people who have to deal with the logs and trees cutting while camping because a tree cutting is hazardous work to do.

Other Safety features

A hand saw should be made from high-grade materials like rubber or synthetic resin that offers an excellent grip while using the product.

Moreover, the handle that comes with ridges, grooves, or rugged designs increases the friction during wood cutting.

A finger guard on the handle also provided for preventing the fingers from slipping into the cutting edge.

3. Saw sheath

It is one more important factor that needs to consider while picking the best hand saw for cutting trees.

The blades of the hand saw are quite sharp that can hurt us or any other person who intends to use it. Thus, a hand saw that comes with the sheath not only makes the product safe to use but also make you feel more convenient while carrying or storing the hand saw.

The low-cost hand saw might also not have a good sheath like the leading branded ones. So, always make a wise choice while picking the best hand saw.

6 Best Hand Saws For Cutting Down Trees

#1 Gonicc Professional Folding Hand Saw

It is high quality, and professional hand saw for cutting tree trunks that do not snap or collapse while closing or cutting. It works amazingly for the people who have a shortage of space as you can easily store it at any place.

Stronger blades

It comes with the SK-5 high carbon blades made from steel. The blades are sharper, ultra-strong, and remain in shape for a long time in comparison to the ordinary blades.

Moreover, it does not become dull after cutting a few trees like the other blades.

Durable and sharper teeth

The teeth of this hand saw stay sharper longer due to the high-frequency hardening. Due to its design of triple-cut razor, the teeth remain sharp for quick cutting, smooth and effortlessly usage from any angle.

Durable and ergonomic handle

The handle of the hand saw is rugged and non-slip to touch so that you feels comfortable. Moreover, its size can easily work for any hand size, large or small.

All through the strong pulls, the rugged razor tooth stays stable for the precise cuts.

#2 WilFiks 16” Pro Hand Saw

It is easy to use a hand saw for cutting logs comprising miters, dovetails, and tenons. It can also easily cut through materials like plastic pipe, wood, wallboard, and plywood.

Sturdy construction

The teeth of the hand saw are induction-hardened for staying sharper five times more than the normal teeth. It results in quick, sharp, and smooth cuts.

Anti-slip handle

The hand saw comes with the anti-slip grip handle that increases the your comfort more. Moreover, you will fell less fatigue while cutting, owing to its perfect size for any hand size.

Fast cuts

It comprises of 3 cutting surfaces so that the handsaw can cut 50% faster in comparison to the traditional handsaws.

It cuts quickly on the pull and pushes strokes. The chips get removed fast because of the deep gullets.

#3 Lomenfly Samurai 13” Heavy Duty Saw

If you are looking for a best hand saw for cutting tree then, this product is the right choice. It is durable, reliable, and easy to use those people usually miss in other traditional hand saws.

Effective Cutting

It is true to say that this saw results in a highly effective cutting of the trees.

The curved, flexible, lightweight and very sharp blade with the teeth are insanely sharp – like razor-sharp rows of knives, which could easily cut through those aspen trees better than any handsaw.

In fact, even a 7 inch tree will take us only about a minute to cut through, and smaller ones, 30 seconds. And as for those branches, a branch 1 inch in diameter takes only a mere second or two to slice through.


This hand saw is flexible, curved, and lightweight to carry. The saw and scabbard/sheath combine weighs in at less than a pound. Despite this light weight, both seem well made, flexible, but sturdy.

Particularly, the saw itself weighs only 8.55 ounces, while the scabbard at 4.65 ounces. This saw is so light that it does not even feel like we are holding onto anything.

The scabbard also being so light is hardly noticeable when attached to the belt, and the saw slides into and out of scabbard very easily.

The scabbard is made of hard plastic and is absolutely necessary to protect the user from the teeth while climbing around or transporting the saw.


It is a well-balanced and easy to use hand saw.

The product are well packaged in a somewhat longer than necessary cardboard box, with wadded paper to help keep it from sliding around inside.
Unpacking, the product wrapped in plastic, with saw in scabbard, essentially ready to unwrap and use.

It comes with the ergonomically designed, with very good solid handle that fits the hand very well. You will find it exceptionally powerful and durable.

#4 Silky PocketBoy Curve Professional 170mm

It is a highly innovative hand saw that results in faster cutting performance. You do not have to fear about rust and resin while using this product as it has hard chrome plating.

Taper ground blade

The blade of the hand saw is taper ground for decreasing the resistance. This results in the more comfortable, smoother, and faster cutting of the tree logs.

Pull-cut technique

The blade of the hand saw is not only curved but also has the method of pull-cut that leads to the fast cutting speed. You will find it 20% faster than the other blades available in the market.

Teeth remain sharper

The blade’s teeth are heated immediately and hardened so that they stay sharp three times longer in comparison to the non-hardened teeth. The length of the blade is 170 mm.

#5 Silky Saws Hand Saw with Scabbard

It is a flexible and lightweight hand saw that offers you a precise cutting of the tree logs. You can use it for trimming, pruning, garden, and lawn.

Durable construction

It is a hard chrome-plated, and curved hand saw that comes with the mono-constructed blade. The blades are taper ground and rust-resistant that do not get corrodes.

Smooth cutting technology

Due to the proprietary technology of Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting), the blades of the hand saw cut the trees with fast speed but with less effort.

Its blades are precision ground and razor-sharp for the clean and smooth cutting action of the large branches.

Secured handle

The handle of the hand saw is made from molded rubber material so that it can easily hold while doing the fast cutting by the blades.

It fits firmly inside the spinning and custom-fixed black polypropylene cover with a separable belt holder.

#6 Silky Saws SUGOWAZA 420 mm

It is one more hand saw by Silky Saws that is highly effective and sturdy to use. There is a mono constructed blade in the product that runs throughout the handle for reducing pressure and chances of breakage.

Extra large teeth

It comes with the extra-large teeth that are pointed from the tooth angle to the rear spine to decrease resistance.

The hand saw’s teeth offer a more comfortable, smoother, and faster-cutting result.

Sturdy surface

The hard chrome coating of the hand saw blades results in an outstandingly durable surface. It is also unaffected by the effects of resin and rust.

Matchless performance

The hand saw leads to the excellent cutting performance and efficiency because of the exclusive Silky’s Mirai-Me tooth design. The four cutting angles of the blade offer a smooth and clean surface.


  • Crazy sharp, large and impressive
  • The 2 nylon rollers at the opening of the sheath that prevent you from sawing into the case when removing it
  • The concave profile of the sheath that allows it to rest flush against your hip/leg
  • The placement of the snap on the strap, allowing you to easily remove the saw with one hand
  • The angle of the handle that allows you to vary the pressure of the cut depending on which section of the blade you use

  • A little too large to just carry around, however put in a day or backpack it's fine
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