Best Mini Stoves for Camping – Review


It is right to say that every camper needs a satisfying and fulfilling warm meal after a long trek or tiring day. But how is that possible whenever you are on camping?

Well! With the help of best mini stoves for camping, you can quickly prepare yourself a hot cup of coffee along with the warm meal while camping. They are not the only lightweight to carry but also quite convenient to use. They need very less time for boing water and cooking meal.

Picking the right wood burning stove for camping is a very confusing and tedious job to do as there are so many different kinds of mini stoves available on the market today. But in the below article, we are going to review the three best mini wood burning stove that will vanish all your confusion. You can also read some useful info besides the reviews that will help you in picking the right product in the end.

Why do we need a stove for camping?

No fossil fuel

There is no need to carry any fuel for burning mini stove for camping. On the other hand, other kinds of stoves need fossil fuel for burning that you have to carry along with you.

Less influence on the environment

The small wood stove for camping does not have any significant impact over the ground and utilizes very less amount of biomass. Moreover, the pots and utensils that use for cooking on these stoves come out quite clean.

Stress-free to carry

They are lightweight for carrying while camping. They do not have big tanks like the other stoves. You can also disassemble them after the usage.

How do we choose the best mini stove for camping?

The below are few important considerations that you should keep in mind while choosing the best mini stoves for camping:


It is a prominent feature that you should look for while buying the stove for camping. We assured that you do not want to carry 25 pounds stove on your journey. It should be lightweight so that you can take it easy on your campsite.


You need 2, 3 or 4 burners mini stove depends on your requirements for cooking food. But if you are traveling alone, then a single row two burner will be sufficient for the cooking meal and making coffee.


Some of you might get nervous while burning stove with a lighter or matchbox. But you can buy the self-igniting mini stove for your convenience. They get to light up on their own without wasting match sticks.

Windbreak system

The windbreak system of the stove should be effective enough for stopping the blowing out of the fire due to wind or breeze. It must provide the right heating retention for cooking food.

Reviews of 3 Best Mini Stoves for Camping

1. Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo Ultralight Wood Burning Backpacking Cook System

Exceptional Airflow System

It has a dual wall along with the outstanding properties of airflow that makes this small wood stove for camping quite efficient. The bottom most holes intake the air towards the channel of the fire’s bottom and also this air warm up the stove walls. It creates very less smoke while burning. Moreover, you need very less wood for burning it in comparison to the open campfire.

Distinctive Construction

It is made up of the specialized process of construction and has a patented design. It is one of the efficient stoves that not only burn wood but also provide you the safest cook pot. It is an outstanding combo that lasts for a long time owing to the premium material of food grade stainless steel. It is a portable and most versatile mini wood burning stove.


It burns the wood efficiently and cleanly. You can easily find the woods at any place during the camping. You do not have to spend your money on buying costly liquid fuel or white gas. You may use pinecones, dry twigs or leaves for burning the stove. However, using dry hardwoods is recommended for best efficiency of the product.


It is a very lightweight mini stove for camping that you can carry easily in your bag. It does not create pollution and needs natural fire-starter like woods. It weighs only 9 oz. and made from the nichrome wire and premium stainless steel material. A sack made from nylon also included in it.

Faster boiling time

It boils the water (34 fl oz.) quite rapidly in 8 to 10 minutes. It is 3.8” tall and 4.25” long in diameter. Its maximum volume is 30 oz.

2. BioLite CampStove Campstove 2 Wood Burning & USB Charging Camp Stove

Upgrade version

It is the latest upgrade version of BioLite Camping Stove. It comprises of 50% more extra power, updated LED control panel for improved control and view and an integrated battery. It uses the wood for burning. It creates smokeless fire for boing water and cooking food along with the turning of heat into the useful electricity.

Generates strong power

It generates power of 3W for charging the devices that are around you during the camping. It can produce the power of 2600 mA for around 1 hour. You can buy the products separately if needed for cooking wood-fired meals. It comfortably fit for about four burgers and also quickly boils the 1 liter of water in only 4.5 minutes. You can burn any renewable biomass in it like twigs, mass, etc.

Portable mini wood stove camping

It is a portable mini stove that you can easily carry in your backpack while camping. Instead of only boiling water or cooking meals, it also charges your other devices. You can make meals and do the charging simultaneously without any hassle.

Smokeless flames

The fan of the stove located internally generates almost smokeless flames (95% less smoke) in comparison to a general wood fire. Thus, you are cooking your food much faster with the help of cleaner air.

Honeycomb Heat Mesh

Generally, packing the heated stove during hurry can be very tricky as they do not cool down quickly. But in this stove, there is honeycomb mesh that let you dump the coals inside the sandpit.

USB charger

While going out on camping, the USB outlet is the most important thing that we need for charging our electronic gadgets. This stove has a USB port for the devices that require USB compatibility like the camera and cell phone.

3. Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo

Larger stronger version

It is the big size version of the original SOLO stove. It is 5.6″/7.9” tall and 5.1″ in diameter when assembled. It weighs only 16.5 oz. It manufactured from the nichrome wire and premium stainless steel material. A sack made of nylon stuff included in it. It can boil 34 FL oz. water in only 4 to 6 minutes period.

Compact design

The design of the product is compact so that you can easily pack it on your backpack while camping. The maximum volume of the product is 61 FL oz. (1800mL).


It is a cost-effective mini wood burning stove that uses natural fuel like wood. But it can also work with the other fuels as well. There is no need to carry an expensive and substantial extra fuel canister while camping with this stove. You may use leaves, twigs, pine cones and any other natural fuel for burning the stove. It creates very less amount of smoke due to full combustion which is also a plus point.

Smart design

The design of this mini stove is quite amusing that helps in the efficient heating process. It works like regular convection upturned to mini stove. The organized heating procedure makes the fire of the product to burn completely. It burns the wood one time and then heats the smoke two times.

Heat shield

It comprises a heat shield that positioned among the ash pan and stove bottom. The heat protection keeps the ground safe (below the stove) from any destruction, such as scorching. It’s cooking ring works like the windshield by letting the oxygen to move inside the burner.

Final Thoughts

You should never deny the significance of the mini wood burning stove while camping. With the help of such stoves, you get food that offers you energy for camping. Moreover, they use natural fuels like twigs and wood for burning that are present in abundance near the campsite.

The mini stoves come in different weights, sizes, design, durability, and strengths. In the above article, we have thoroughly reviewed the three best mini stoves for camping. You should pick the one that is lightweight and perfectly matches your needs and budget.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the above info. Do let us know that which mini stove for camping you picked for yourself and how is your experience of using it.

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