What is RVs ‘s benefit for Camping?


Sometimes while reading something about camping, we usually come across the term “recreational vehicles” or RVs. Some of us link it to some hi-tech vehicle or some now motorized vehicle. But there are only a few people who know exactly that what RV is and how it benefits during the camping.

In the below article, we are going to share with you all the useful info about the RVs and what are its different types.

What is Recreational Vehicles (RVs)?

RVs provide us an opportunity to roam around at the camping site or place in the way we like without much extra cost and high-level planning. It offers us all the benefit and comfort of a home outside wherever we move.

RV is a broad term that includes travel trailers, motorhomes, campervans … It not only consists of several categories but you can also enjoy a joyful lifestyle during your camping with the right selection of RV.

What is the difference RVs and Camper?

I know some of you might still misinterpret the dissimilarity between camper and RV, thus I am keen to share all those differences with you here!

RV or the recreational vehicles are the motorized vehicles that used for camping. It might include the campervans or motorhomes both.

Whereas, a camper is a separate unit which you connects to your car for camping or traveling purposes. The type of camper that you pick for your car depends on the car’s model. It comes with different features like the RV such as a bed for sleeping, outside kitchen, storage place …

The difference between the RVs and the camper is the cost. RVs are costlier than the camper, and RV is more spacious than the Camper.

What are the different types of RVs?

RVs comprises of different categories. Thus, you should always know that which category matches your requirement perfectly before buying an RV.
Let’s have a look for more understanding!

Class A motorhome
Class A motorhome is the most significant and longest category of RVs. The class A motorhome dimension includes the below:

  • Class A motorhome height: 10 feet (average)
  • Class A motorhome length: 21 feet up to 45 feet

Class B motorhome
Class B motorhome is smaller in size in comparison to class C motorhome and class A motorhomes. The class B motorhome dimension includes the below:

  • Class B motorhome height: 7 to 9 feet (average)
  • Class B motorhome length: 20 feet

Class C motorhome
And Class C motorhome is little lesser in dimension in compression to class A motorhomes however it is larger than the class B motorhomes. The class C motorhome dimension includes the below:

  • Class C motorhome height: 10 feet (average)
  • Class C motorhome length: 28 feet

Benefits of the RV Camping

RV brings so many benefits for camping, like comfort, portability closeness to nature … Let’s have a look at some of them:

Cheap option
Owning an RV is an affordable option if you want to go camping in different sites or places with full comfort. Roaming around in different states or nations is quite costly, but if you have your RV then, it cost you much cheaper including the cost of gas, maintenance …

Feel free
There is no need to get stuck in a single place if you have RV for camping. You may quickly move from one place to another after getting complete satisfaction. Sometimes the weather of the place is not suitable at the time of camping then, in such case you can leave that place and look for some new site for camping.

Reconnecting with nature
You can easily reconnect with nature by getting up and cooking in the open area of the campsite. You can have your meal openly under the sky.

Camping with more people
In RV, you can take your family, friends, and relatives along with you for camping without worrying about the space or facilities. It makes you camping more enjoyable as more and more people can join you with an RV.

Final Thoughts

RVs are becoming quite popular these days among the campers, and people are becoming more eager to buy it.

It is also true that the recreational vehicles are costly in price but still it is quite useful to use during the camping. It is a long-term investment. Thus, you should always pick the right RV for yourself after evaluating your needs and budget.

It might help you in saving your lots of expenses in future which you might have to incur while going camping on faraway sites.

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