Why you should always bring a Firestarter?


All the experienced campers recognize the significance of firestarter during the outdoor camping.

We know that carrying the lighters and the match-sticks are always the best options during camping, but sometimes you might miss out carry these things. In such a situation, a firestarter can work like a miracle. The perfect firestarter burst into flames rapidly and endures heat for few seconds.

Now, let ‘s have a look at the below 6 reasons that prove that a firestarter is necessary during camping. All the reasons discussed in the below article mentioned after keeping in mind the needs of a camper and how it can benefit them effortlessly.

1. Starts Fire Rapidly

Firestarter helps you in starting the fire quite quickly and with full ease in comparison to the matchsticks or lighter that required full force.

It kicks to start the flames without any difficulty or numerous attempts. You don’t need much guidance for using them anytime.

The firestarter smoothly works in the extreme wet situations being a waterproof product while the other fire-igniting equipment like matchsticks does not function in the wet circumstances like rain

2. Cooking Food

The firestarter helps you in preparing food with the help of fire. We know it’s quite difficult to eat raw food daily while camping. But with firestater, you don’t have to eat the raw foods. You can cook multiple dishes and soups during the camping with its help.

Firestarter has a long life also that does not get spoil easily like the matchsticks. It is quite lightweight to carry along with you to any place.

And you can also utilize it for purifying the water on the fire when there is no source of fresh water available nearby during the camping.

It shows that a Firestarter also acts as a survival tool during the outdoor activities like camping and if you want a long period camping experience then, carrying this tool is essential.

3. Protect against predators and insects that can eat or bite you

It’s true that while going on the camping, the scariest thing that all of us have to face is the insects, bugs, flies, and predators that wishes to eat or bite us.

But, when you have a firestarter, it’s easy to scare the maximum number of wild creatures. Moreover, it also makes the wild animals to maintain a safe distance from your camping space.

We are not saying the igniting fire with a firestarter is a 100% safe method. However, still, you can use mosquito nettings, trip line alarm systems, Elevated bedding, defense weapons, and natural repellents to protect yourself from the insects and predators

4. Warmth in tremendously cold weather conditions

In the enormously cold weather conditions, the firestarter can aid you in getting enough heat to survive comfortably.

As we know that weather is always unpredictable and somehow if you caught in the unfavorable weather conditions that are not easy to survive then, fire is the only thing that can help in your survival. It provides you full warmth in the cold weather for increasing the level of heat in your body and nearby environment.

It also benefits you in the kick-start of a fire, and the good thing about the firestarter is that it is helpful in igniting the fire in the cold and wet conditions rapidly.

Besides providing protection and insulation,it also acts as a persisting tool on some occasions.

5. Visible Light

One of the most important things that we need during the camping is the visible light for comfortable vision. Without the vision, we don’t get any clue that what’s happening around us.

When you ignite the fire with the firestarter, you can effortlessly do your vital tasks that required for the survival like eating food, preparing bedding or shelter, equipping an animal trap, defense and many more.

And you can keep an eye easily in the nearby surroundings to keep yourself safe from any wild creature. Moreover, you can also have good fun at the night time with your companions and campers around the campfire.

6. Signaling

The last and most important reason for requiring a firestarter while camping is the signaling. Because sometimes, unexpectedly you might get trapped in some adverse situation that it’s become unable for your friends to find you.

So, if you have a firestarter, you have to ignite the fire, and your friends will see its smoke and catch you.

Smoke from the fire in an unusual place is one of the standard signals that are used by campers all over the world for the rescue purposes.


Nobody knows that what they are going to face during the camping but it’s essential that you should prepare for everything thoroughly. While going on camping, a firestarter is one of the necessary things that you need to carry along with you. It helps you in starting the fire for fulfilling your requirements. Additionally, there are some camping equipments you need to carry on, please click camping accessories for beginner to read more detail.

We hope that the above info in the article was helpful in knowing the importance of a firestarter while camping.

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Moreover, you can also share your kind thoughts and experiences of using the firestarter with us. We will feel pleased to hear from you.

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Be safe and have great fun while camping!

Cindy Miller
Hi, friends! My name is Cindy. I love being outdoors, and If I’m not out on the town, you will most likely find me camping. When I began camping a couple of years ago, I didn’t have much knowledge about camping and made lots of mistakes. But now, I have gained lots of experience on camping, and that’s why I want to share with all of you - my readers


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